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Scientists warn having an unhealthy gut can increase your risk from coronavirus

A happy tum could help tackle Covid-19, scientists have claimed. They believe the gut could be a key line of defence, with many championing probiotics, as they stimulate “good” gut ­bacteria. But naturopath Louise Westra warned there is no one-size-fits-all solution – and there are better ways to keep your insides healthy. Louise said: “Around… Read More »

Hospital leaders plead for financial help, warn of closures, missing payroll

Hospital executives from across the country sounded the alarm on Saturday morning about the dire need for federal financial aid as their cash on hand continues to erode amid the coronavirus pandemic.  “We’ll exhaust all avenues to make payroll in the next few weeks,” Scott Graham, CEO of Three Rivers and North Valley Hospitals in… Read More »

At least 5 US airports have exposed travelers to measles, health officials warn

An unknown number of U.S. air travelers have been exposed to measles after at least five airports allowed people with the highly infectious disease to pass through this month, according to health officials in the affected cities. At Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, a person with the disease traveled through two terminals over the course of a week,… Read More »