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Why we’re turning to medicinal cannabis to improve mental health

Conversations around health have, historically, placed focus on physical wellbeing. In recent times, however, the discussions around the importance of good mental health have deepened, inspired by new research that has revealed the power of plant-based therapies to treat a variety of psychological conditions. According to leading Australian medicinal cannabis company Cannatrek, the research performed… Read More »

Black patients were more likely to die of COVID-19 largely due to inferior hospitals

Dive Brief: Researchers found that Black patients admitted with COVID-19 were 11% more likely to die than their White counterparts after adjusting for patient and clinical characteristics, according to a recent study in JAMA Network Open. Black patients were more likely to die largely because of where they received care — at hospitals that performed… Read More »

Just 3% of Brits infected with the Indian Covid variant were fully vaccinated

Freedom Day on a knife edge: Just 3% of Brits infected with the Indian Covid variant were fully vaccinated but the boffins are still counselling caution PHE analysis shows only 177 out of 5,599 people who caught the mutant strain had already had both jabs Top scientists called the findings ‘incredibly reassuring’, bolstering the case… Read More »

‘Pregnant women offered Covid jab – this is why they were initially excluded’

There’s a lot of ­confusion about the Covid ­vaccine and whether it’s safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and their babies. Mums-to-be have written to me, asking why they were not given it from the start of the rollout if it is OK. Medical trainees Helen Hare and Kate Womersley put together a convincing theory… Read More »

Without an effective test and trace we’re destined for lockdown

Yes, Boris and his sidekick Matt Hancock have made glaring and costly mistakes during the Covid pandemic. Their mantra, “We follow the science”, is hollow and at times dishonest. Follow the science they haven’t. The most glaring example of not following the science came to light earlier this week when the SAGE scientists made public… Read More »