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How to Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke? Follow These Steps to Stay Safe and Decrease Your Risk of Falling Sick From Thick Ash of Raging California Wildfires

The raging wildfires across the United States of America have gripped the nation. California is bracing for another dangerously warm weekend, with dry winds, parched vegetation and triple-digit temperatures threatening to ignite new fires and complicating containment efforts even more. The US state has poor air quality, so much that clean air is a luxury.… Read More »

How To Make Yourself Throw Up + [INFOGRAPHIC]

Throwing up to expel foods or substances that are causing you discomfort can provide welcome relief. You should however only induce vomiting as a last resort, and only in certain situations such as over indulging in too much food or alcohol, or after ingesting food that has been contaminated, or the ingestion of non-corrosive substances.… Read More »

Masturbation After a Breakup: How To Satisfy Yourself For Intense Orgasm After Getting Out Of a Relationship

Breakups are painful and at the same time liberating too. Let’s admit it, when you are in a relationship, alot of things change and YOU take a backseat. We prioritize someone else over us and our desires very often when in a relationship. So when you breakup, that feeling when you realise that you aren’t… Read More »

How to give eye drops to yourself

Some eye drops come in disposable single — the Autodrop Eye Drop Guide should be available in stores such as How to give eye drops to yourself or Walgreens. MD is a Board, sports vision and other topics for teens. An infection due to dirty hands or dropper tip, then repeat with the other eye… Read More »