The Best Healthy Vegetables You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

By | September 16, 2020

With many of us at home right now, there’s never been a better time to experiment with food. We’re in a period of time where finding creative ways to switch up the usual dish with interesting ingredients or substitutes is all the rage. Going to a new grocery store or a farmer’s market, you may see some vegetables that you’ve never even heard of. There’s so much you can do with veggies, like switch them out for dough, use them as a meat substitute, and have them flavor your food. We’ve made a list of five vegetables you’ve probably never heard of and all the things you can do with them. Keep reading for more!

The Best Healthy Vegetables You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

1) Kohlrabi

This is known as the German turnip or the turnip cabbage. It is a crunchy vegetable that tastes similar to broccoli. Its leaves are edible as well as the vegetable itself. We love to slice it thinly and toss it in a salad. You can also mash it, steam it, and make it into a mashed potato-like substance. Did we mention that it’s got cancer-fighting properties as well?

best healthy vegetables
Image: Jens Johnsson via Unsplash

2) Purple Sweet Potatoes

This is also known as the Stokes Purple, and it is in the morning glory family. It has a super deep flavor that is rich and ultra-tasty. It is sometimes drier and denser than the orange sweet potato. You can use this the same way you’d use sweet potato in cooking. Make a mash, add it to a salad, or use it in dessert! This vegetable is filled with antioxidants that prevent disease, boost inflammation, and fight cancer. Eat this up!

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best healthy vegetables
Image: Varun Gaba via Unsplash

3) Sunchokes

Part of the same family as the artichoke, the sunchoke is a healthy vegetable that is high in fiber and has great flavor. It is a little harder for some to digest because of the carbohydrate inulin in it. The sunchoke is perfect for a nice soup, a vegetable mash, or put in the oven with some salt and olive oil. It does make you a little flatulence though, fair warning!

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best healthy vegetables
Image: Yura Timoshenko via Unsplash

4) Cassava

The cassava is one of our favorites on the list because it is, you guessed it, gluten-free! The cassava is also known as the yuca. It is a staple food in South America and has recently become more popular in other countries. While prepping, be sure to remove the root as it contains traces of cyanide! We love love, love to make yucca fries with this vegetable. Add a spicy aioli for dipping and you’re in heaven!

Image: Mae Mu via Unsplash

5) Fiddlehead

Found in New England for the most part, the Fiddlehead is actually the front of a baby fern. They are also only harvested from the wild and found locally and seasonally. It’s a delight if you come upon one! This healthy vegetable is packed full of nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. The antioxidants in this are equivalent to that of a blueberry. In Maine, they are served boiled or in a salad with butter and mayonnaise.

Image: The Matter of Food via Unsplash