The More Variety, the Better Society

By | April 1, 2021

Embracing diversity has become a social necessity. The world has now transformed into a global village, where people belonging to different races, cultures, and religions live together. Gone are the days when people restricted themselves to their nation and labeled people who left their homeland to settle in another country, as a traitor. In an era of globalization, people have finally realized that it is normal to live, study, and work in other countries and not feel bad about it. Although humans have advanced themselves in various ways, there is one matter that they are still struggling to cope with, and that is racism.

The issue of racism has been persistent worldwide. Many cases regarding this issue were reported in the most educated and developed, first-world countries. It is the unaccepting nature of the people that strains them to open the minds and hearts of people of color and another culture. Racism exists since the advent of human civilization and is fairly difficult to remove, but it is certainly not impossible to do so. Many peace initiators and interfaith harmony advocates are making efforts to fill this social gap with affection, respect, and unity. Among these people is Rajat Malhotra, an Indian peace initiator who aims to free people all around the world from the chains of racism and extremism. With his efforts, he wishes to see a society where people have nothing but love for each other.

Hailing from Delhi, India’s cultural and national capital, Rajat Malhotra grew up surrounded by diversity. As a child, he was of the belief that other faiths are lower in status till he joined CPS (Centre for Peace and Spirituality) International, where he was mentored by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan on universal values and love for the entire humanity.

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As he matured, the harsh realities of the world revealed to him. Rajat saw that the world around him dwelled with racism and extremism like it was nothing. Living in a country that was separated on the basis of religion, he had observed the mistrust between the majority and the minority communities more as a result of misunderstanding and lack of dialogue between followers of faiths. Rajat’s conscience did not allow him to let go of the alarmingly dangerous situation. Inspired by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, Rajat developed into a broad-minded and learned individual. He then decided to educate himself, particularly about Islam, to gain a better understanding.

In 2013, Rajat completed his Master’s degree in Art in Islamic History from Kerala University. While studying this course and continuous mentoring by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, he came across a completely different image of the religion than what the world portrayed. It was through Maulana’s knowledge and in-depth explanation that Rajat was able to understand the fundamentals of the religion. Rajat joined the Centre for Peace and Spirituality (CPS) as a disciple of Maulana Wahiduddin Khan and became its International Global Coordinator. He realized that Islam promoted nothing but peace, prosperity, and love for all. Because of the misconceptions and rumors that prevailed in the people’s minds, it created a negative aura around it. He conducted many interfaith programs with Maulana Wahiduddin Khan in India and abroad. He has represented CPS International founder in various programs such as the 26/11 Anniversary attack program, which took place at the Trident Oberoi in Mumbai.

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Rajat completed his Ph.D. in ‘A Study of the Arabian Society After the Advent of Islam With Specific Reference to the Life of Prophet Muhammad‘ in 2019. His academic interest in Islam in relation to modernity, peace, and interfaith dialogue is applied through his efforts at the CPS’s national and international initiatives towards dialogue and peace-building efforts with different faiths.

Having a contemporary mindset, Rajat wants people to think beyond their comfort levels. For him, no such thing as cultural and religious barriers exist. It was all because of the misunderstanding and bad Muslim leadership that the peace-bearing religion faced backlash globally. To conclude this matter, he has been giving talks presenting the True face of Islam through participation in dialogues at various colleges and universities to educate the young generations about this pressing issue.

As an advocate of interfaith harmony, Rajat has been doing a Q&A program with CPS International Founder for more than a decade. Renowned Indian channels such as Indian Television ETV (Urdu) and Zee Salaam aired his programs and speeches. To impart positive thinking and promote interfaith harmony, he has been recording small videos. With his videos, he aims to clear misconceptions about Islam and to promote an objective approach towards different faiths. Reputable news sources such as Times of India and, Daily Hunt, ANI, etc., have covered Rajat’s efforts to knit people closer by overlooking religious differences.

Rajat Malhotra is a firm believer that through the CPS International platform, the bridge of harmony, peace, and religious tolerance can be built. This will help in efforts towards building a peaceful global society and will make embracing diversity easier. Personalities like Rajat are like the silver lining in the cloud that gives people hope for a better future.

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