What this physician says to vaccine-doubters [PODCAST]

By | March 13, 2021

“A scientific achievement can never have success on its own unless if it has acceptance in the social context by the masses. I think that the concerns brought forward by the vaccine-doubters cannot be dismissed as ignorance, and it is hard to convince people. As a physician, it is not uncommon that I see a patient become indecisive and anxious about various treatment decisions facing them. I don’t shy away from asking them to put their faith in me as their physician at moments like this. There is a simple strategy that makes the decision-making relatively easier, and that is to think of each patient as your own family member and recommend to them what you would want done if they were your own mother or grandfather. When presented this way, it usually goes very well with the patient, and a bond of trust is built, which ends up in successful care for the patient.

I would say the same thing to a vaccine-doubter. If I am being vaccinated myself as a health care worker and if I agree to vaccinate my children, please trust me that you should do the same.”

Farhan S. Imran is a hematology-oncology physician.

He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, “What this physician says to vaccine-doubters.”

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