Who malaria quality control

By | April 26, 2020

who malaria quality control

There is a need for an accurate, transparent system for monitoring the accuracy of RDTs after release by the manufacturer. The development of a comprehensive quality assurance scheme is essential to ensure that test quality is maintained, reducing the likelihood of misdiagnosis and maintaining confidence of health service providers and consumers. Malaria RDTs are affected by various conditions of manufacture, storage and use that can impair their accuracy and reliability. Track initiative urges countries to scale up RDTs to universal access to aid in the management of malaria, especially in locations where laboratory-based diagnosis is unavailable. This requires a system in place to assure that service quality is guaranteed.

Malaria RDTs are designed for malaria endemic areas beyond the reach of good-quality microscopy. Year of the Nurse and malaria Midwife These activities were promoted by RAVREDA in the countries of the Region, in conjunction with local efforts and South-South cooperation activities to train human who in the countries quality the greatest limitations. How malaria Control work Variations occur between products but the principles are similar.

Malaria control who quality

Author information: 1 U. Histidine-rich protein II HRP2 -based malaria rapid diagnostic tests RDTs have shown high sensitivity and specificity for detecting Plasmodium falciparum malaria in a variety of study settings. However, RDTs are susceptible to heat and humidity and variation in individual performance, which may affect their use in field settings. We evaluated sensitivity and specificity of RDTs during routine use for malaria case management in peripheral health facilities. Health workers received a single day of instruction on how to perform an RDT and thick blood smear.

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