Your Horoscope for the Week of January 12th

By | January 12, 2020

Change is in the air! On Monday, the Sun and Pluto form a transformative conjunction in Capricorn, giving us the energy to take our goals from idea to IRL. On Thursday, Mercury enters Aquarius, helping us release control and surrender to surprise.


You better werk, Aries! Like, literally: Monday’s conjunction is changing your career. Think about what you’d be doing if you weren’t afraid of rejection or failure? Take steps toward that dream and make it happen. Mercury enters your friendship sector on Thursday, making the winter more social and helping you reunite with your ride-or-dies and invite new besties into your life.


Choose risk over certainty, Taurus! The conjunction on Monday inspires you to release control and anxiety with risk—because it reminds you that nothing is certain anyway. Time to get comfy with the unknown. On Thursday, Mercury puts you to work by lighting up your career sector, giving you brilliant strategies and conversation styles to succeed.


Don’t run from the truth, Gemini! Monday’s conjunction helps you accept something honestly around intimacy and sex. Yeah, I know that sounds heavy, but once you see it for what it is, that’ll give you the courage to change it. Also: A winter getaway is coming! Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters your travel sector on Thursday, sending you off to far, adventurous, and exciting corners of the world.


Look who’s comin’ outta that cute lil shell, Cancer. Monday’s conjunction helps you declare a boundary with yourself and others without apology, explanation, people pleasing, etc. Take radical responsibility for yourself and your life! Oh, and weather update: Winter’s about to get hella hotter when Mercury enters your sexuality zone on Thursday, helping you experience pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

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Listen to your mom and call the doc, Leo. The conjunction on Monday wants you to schedule a medical visit and/or take the advice you know you need to follow to improve your health and wellness for amazing results. Take your dang vitamins! On Thursday, Mercury enters your romantic zone, making the cute nerd with glasses your type and helping you flirt and express your emotions even more articulately.


PSA: The “external” doesn’t control your “internal,” Virgo. Monday’s conjunction reminds you that no matter what’s happening around you, you’re the one in charge of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Your ruling planet, Mercury, lights up your details, routine, and health on Thursday, which will give you the ideas and strategies to get grounded and stay centered.


Lead with your heart, Libra! The conjunction on Monday wants you to embrace your feels and even communicate them with family. You’re allowed to be sensitive, so say what you need to say to the people who need to hear it. Bonus: Mercury enters your confidence zone on Thursday, helping you feel more worthy, secure, and able to make your dreams a reality.


Speak up, Scorpy! Monday’s conjunction helps you speak the truth (and cut the bullsh*t) as only you can. It’ll be scary—and you’ll feel vulnerable—but you’ve got this. Mercury enters your loyal family and sensitive home zones on Thursday, helping you think about the people and places that keep you safe in a different way.


Don’t get too attached, Sag! Monday’s conjunction helps you review your attachments to money and other ideas that you assume keep you safe—but, like, do they? Security’s an inside, not outside, job. *the more you know rainbow flies by* Mercury enters your communication sector on Thursday, making you even more curious and eloquent, so surround yourself with others who pique your interests.

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Happy birthday, Cap! The conjunction on Monday is giving you the changes you need to make in time for your new year. Make ’em! Mercury enters your income zone on Thursday, making the birthday ca$ h rain. Spend the exact amount of money that’ll remind you why you work so hard—without, um, going broke.


It’s time for closure, Aquarius. Monday’s conjunction releases you from outdated ideas, places, jobs, and relationships that keep you stuck in the past. Find freedom from fear, bb—I promise it’s a thing. Mercury enters your sign on Thursday, helping you think, speak, and listen so beautifully to others, which will make them help you succeed in all the right ways.


Real ones only, Pisces! The conjunction on Monday helps you see which friends are fake, which ones are ride-or-dies, and who you need to give more time to in order to let the connection unfold. Mercury enters your intuition zone on Thursday so remember to trust your gut—hell, even keep a record of your dreams because you’re waaay plugged in rn.

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